Gaining Operational Efficency

Everyone is working harder than ever, trying to deliver consistent value to the customer, but still we need to do even more with even less?

This is a common story – we hear it a lot at Business Reloaded.
The usual solution is to call upon the Six Sigma & Lean Operations Experts. However, how many times have you seen an operations consultant come into a business and yet, six months after they have left, the business is slipping back into its old ways?
Six Sigma & Lean Operations Experts have a lot to offer (we use them ourselves to help our clients) but without additional focus on both ‘context’ and ‘content’ (your culture and your resources) the changes will not get embedded into your business.

This isn’t what you want. You need to have the right processes written down, but you want them to work day-in day-out!

The Business Reloaded Solution

We see things differently. We believe that the key to success is to position the business so that it is ready to soak up the change rather than deal with the fall-out a business that has had change forced upon it.
Our solution to your need is an effective three-point plan:
  • Create a unified, collaborative and focused organisation – the sponge for the change!
  • Define and document the right way to do the right thing at the right time – eliminate waste!
  • Ensure that the right capability and capacity is in place to deliver – drive the change!
With this in place you’ll ensure that processes are translated into value-focused actions, minimise the time and money wasted by being inefficient, and ensure that every activity is effective at delivering value to the customer.
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