Cash and Working Capital Advice

Do you want to improve your company’s operating cash flow?
…but need help with complex issues – such as understanding working capital and cash flow forecasting?


A reliable cash flow forecast is one of the keys to preventing a business from running out of money. However, they can be a real challenge to produce if you’ve not got the finance skills or experience.
Your organisation is probably well-known for it’s creative talent – so your passion isn’t the finance side of business!


Well, help is at hand

In our line of work we’re always talking to business owners – finding out more about their issues and offering help where we can – and the same issues keep coming up time and time again:

My accountants say we’re making a profit but how come we can’t pay the bills!
I don’t understand – we should be making a fair margin, but we never seem to have enough available cash!
The bank are breathing down our necks, what do we need to do?
We need money but the bank want to talk about budgets and business plans, factoring and discounting!

Over the years we’ve worked with a number businesses – both large and small – that have had cash issues.  Some have been on the brink of collapse but were fortunate enough to get in contact just in time.
As a result, we’ve been able to save them from going bust.
In cash terms, we’ve generated millions both internally and externally and even during the darkest times of the banking crisis we’ve have been able to secure increased bank funding.


Cash Flow Kung Fu

More recently, we’ve decided to make these skills and experience available to the wider business community, and document our own unique process for dealing with cash issues.  So, we’ve developed a deceptively simple yet very effective seven-step program that we call ‘Cash Flow Kung Fu’.
With this program any business can:
  • Through proper cash flow analysis, gain an understanding of both the volume and velocity of your cash.
  • Learn the formula that dictates how fast you can grow organically without burning up.
  • Generate and then action real improvements to your working capital model.
  • Understand where you are really making and losing money.
  • Create a cash flow forecasting system that can predict and avoid a future cash squeeze.
With these new tools and insights the business will gain three vital benefits:
  • Enjoy a much improved business cash flow position.
  • Be able to forecast cash flow so you don’t run out.
  • Be in a far stronger position to obtain outside funding.

If you want to improve your business cash flow – and who doesn’t – then simply complete the box at the top-right of this page, or call 0845 519 5480 and ask how we can help you